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Contact Information for Executive Council

In addition to the contact extensions listed below, all correspondence can be directed to the SCFT at 559-289-2699

Fresno City College/C&TC ●(559) 442-4600● Fax (559) 265-5708
—— Zwi Reznik Past President
x8361 Paul Gilmore Executive VP
——- Keith Ford Secretary/Treasurer
——- Vacant VP Academic Affairs
——- Vacant VP COPE
x8370 Mark Trezza VP Grievance
x8034 Karen Davies FT Member-At-Large
x8026 Rebecca Nelson FT Member-At-Large
x8011 Kellen Prandini FT Member-At-Large
x8677 Ria Williams FT Member-At-Large
——- Vacant FT Member-At-Large
——- Claire Anzoleaga PT Member-At-Large
——- Vacant PT Member-At-Large
——- Kristina Miko PT Member-At-Large
——- Bernadette Moordigian PT Member-At-Large
——- Sylvia Savala PT Member-At-Large
Reedley College/MC&OC●(559) 638-3641 Fax (559) 638-5040
——- Lacy Barnes President/ Federalist Editor*
x3208 Maria Ortiz Chief Negotiator/ VP Grievance
x3732 George Cartwright VP Academic Affairs
x4856 Jim Druley FT Member-At-Large
x3715 Rosemarie Elizondo FT Member-At-Large
——- Susan Lusk PT Member-At-Large
——- Vacant PT Member-At-Large
Clovis Community College ●(559) 325-5200Fax (559) 325-5299
x5277 Jason Gardner VP Academic Affairs
x5347 Janice Ledgerwood VP Grievance
x5210 Robin Huigen FT Member-At-Large
——- Rebeca Rangel PT Member-At-Large
——- Vacant PT Member-At-Large
California Federation of Teachers
Shannon Willson Field Representative 559.225.8553
Feel free to make initial contact with any Executive Council member who may be most familiar with your concerns. However, Please contact the following individuals regarding:
Questions on Grievances contact SCFT Executive Director/Organizer (ED/O)
A. Inez Zuniga Executive Director/Organizer 559.289.2699
Secondary to ED/O on Grievances
Mark Trezza Vice President, Grievance 8370
Maria Ortiz Chief Negotiator/Vice President, Grievance 3208
Questions Regarding the SCFT Budget
Keith Ford  Secretary/Treasurer 559.289.2699
Lacy Barnes President 559.289.2699
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