Executive Council Minutes – Jan. 30, 2012

Download pdf copy here: scftminutes-1-30-12-final

Minutes of January 30, 2012 Executive Council Meeting

3pm SO-110 Fresno City College

Meeting called to order at 3:05 p.m.

Roll Call, Introductions & Guests

Members Present: Lacy Barnes, Sandy Bolt, Cynthia Callaghan, Cynthia Elliott, Paul Gilmore, Marilyn Glenn, Enrique Jauregui, Sharon Kerr, Maria Kelly, Janice Ledgerwood, Sheila Martin, Kristina Miko, Lina Obeid, Bill Turini, Laura West and Zwi Reznik.

Members Absent: Sylvia DeSoto, Lauren Novatne


Guests: Bill Allen, Diane Staebler, Paul Schlesinger, Shannon Wilson

Approval of Minutes: Minutes for Dec 14, 2011 was postponed until next meeting to clarify certain points. It will be noted that Kerr was approved to serve as Exec. VP and payment option was approved as well. Janice Ledgerwood and Terri Main were approved as well as RC/NC Member at Large and Federalist editor, respectively.

4.     Old Business-Action Items

4.1       Executive Committee Vacancies ( FCC AT-Large-FT )

Jean Carroll resigned from the council and we need a Full-Time At Large Rep thru 2013.  The question was asked if we can use names of Ballot nominees to fill the position. Lacy Barnes said yes

4.2       Introduction of new members: Sharon Kerr and Janice Ledgerwood were introduced to the council. All other members and guests introduced themselves. It was announced that Paul Schlesinger, student photographer for Rampage, was here to take pictures of new members for website.

5.     Old Business-Non-Action Items

5.1       Administrative Assistant: Vanessa Spady was hired. Had 16 applications, held our interviews Dec. 22nd. Vanessa was above and beyond other applicants. Sandy Bolt added that Vanessa is doing a terrific job thus far.

5.2       Contract Campaign: Bill Turini has done three at Madera. Shannon Wilson has offered to check in with everyone per week to see where you are with your lists. The question was asked of new council member Janet Ledgerwood, What is Contract Campaign? Lacy Barnes explained: Sandra Weiss from CFT spoke to our Executive council on things that could be done to increase membership and help direct our focus. We decided that contract negotiations represented our main need. Our group developed a survey questionnaire to find out what was important to our members. The results of that survey created Contract Campaign. This information will guide the action of the negotiations team.

5.3    Leadership Training (February 7-9. 2012):  Attending will be Lacy Barnes, Sandy Bolt, Sheila Martin, Lina Obied, Cynthia Callaghan and Maria Kelly. This is an opportunity for training on local and state issues and to help all Executive Council members be informed.

5.4    Election Process: Nomination forms were distributed the week of Jan.9th. Deadline for nominees is Jan. 26th. Friday 27th we sent acceptance/rejection notices. The cut-off for responses to accept nomination is Feb.2nd at 5pm. Our nomination numbers are low. We may need to go back out for more nominations. Our goal is to send out ballots and receive votes back by the week of March 19th. Deadline is important so we may get delegates seated to the state Convention, which is March 30th.

5.5    Executive Council Member Assignments (e.g. Stuffing boxes): FCC Paul Gilmore #1 box stuffer, Sandy Bolt, Marilyn Glenn, and Enrique Jauregui. We will look into finding other folks for Madera.

5.6    Update (Counselor lawsuit): Elaine Yama resigned as lead attorney for personal reasons. The law firm has assigned Heather Philips to take over. She is in the process of gathering information from the plaintiffs to then be able to communicate with the district. The process is now moving forward again.

6.     New Business-Non-action Items

6.1    Membership meetings (NC, FCC, & RC): Contacted Cynthia re meeting at Willow. Lacy Barnes will be at Willow for a General Membership meeting on February 8th 11:30am-2 pm, at Reedley on February 1st  11:30am-2 pm, and at FCC, February 22nd 4:30pm-6pm

6.2    Constitutional Changes (Nomination Dates for Exec. Council members): Regarding Federation positions and the elections, we have been attempting to mail out one ballot to save money. The election of Executive Council members comes after elections so we need to make a change to the constitution to accommodate this. Another area that surfaced during the meeting had to do with Part-Time reps and their primary locations of employment. We may need to revisit the “work location” designation to the part-time representatives as they change locations to remain employed.

6.3    Area Council Meeting (March or April): An email will be sent out to inform you of the dates. Good idea to attend because it helps you connect to other member groups including K-12 and other college level units with similar concerns. Another aspect of this meeting is that it allows for greater involvement in the political endorsement process that eventually gets relayed to CFT.

6.4    Millionaire’s Tax Initiative (Handouts): Discussion on the initiative. How this could provide a long-term solution for educational funding. Do we wish to contribute funds to the initiative? Sandy Bolt mentioned we have significant funds to do so.  Lacy Barnes believed that the general membership would have to support this, but Zwi clarified that it would be under the purview of the Exec Council to decide. He recollected that back in 2005 or 2006, the Federation supported Prop. 92 and gave $25,000 to this campaign. The Federation was very public about their support and went through all channels to make their position known. Lacy Barnes said the council will decide during our next meeting whether to endorse the Millionaire” Tax Initiative.

New business-Action items:  None.

8.     Member Committee Reports

8.1       President (Lacy Barnes) Already stated earlier in closed session

8.2       Chief Negotiator (Lacy Barnes) Already stated in closed session

8.3       Executive Vice president (Sharon Kerr): Report on elections given earlier

8.4       Past-President (Zwi Reznik): Reported on an article about health care that was in Fresno Bee. Believes that Medicare for everyone a good idea and continues to support the notion that there are better deals for our health care out there and we need to look at other plans, other JPA’ s to know for sure.

8.5       Secretary Treasurer (Sandy Bolt): Audit is happening on February 28th. This covers the entire year January through December, 2011. Please get your Hudson reports in.

8.6       Vice President of Grievance-FCC (Sheila Martin): No report

8.7       Vice President of Grievance-Reedley (Maria Kelly): An Adjunct instructor is having difficulty with a grade review. The husband of the student is now involved and this could have been avoided if Administration had backed the instructor. Assisted a different instructor with an emergency sick leave request to look after his son.

8.8       Vice President of Academic Affairs-FCC (Paul Gilmore): Paul talked with ASG leaders and they are having rally next Tues at noon Feb 7th to protest the decision to not offer summer classes. Students wanted to go to the board meeting after the rally.  Paul is working with the students to facilitate proper procedures on campus for the rally. The Student Success Plan should be reviewed because we need to be aware of its implications. Sandy will attend the SPC meetings.

8.9       Vice President of Academic Affairs-RC (Cynthia Elliot): No report

8.10    Vice President COPE (Bill): Meetings will be 2nd Thursday’s at 5pm.          The location has yet to be determined. As a goal, the committee wants to produce articles for the Federalist. He talked about the Millionaire’s Tax initiative and tool kit produced by CFT. Bill Turini and Lacy Barnes  attended a Michele Rhee lecture where she spoke of eliminating tenure and increasing teacher accountability.

8.11    Federalist Editor (vacant): position remains vacant

8.12    Member-at-large-PT (Cynthia Callaghan., Sylvia DeSoto, vacant, Kristina Miko): No report

8.13    Members-At-Large FT (Enrique Jauregui, Janice Ledgerwood, Laura West, Lauren Novatne, Lina Obied, Marilyn Glenn, Vacant): Enrique: FCC will purchase the Accuplacer testing program. Concerned as to how it will affect faculty and assessment between colleges. More applications are being accepted for the FCC Presidential search.

Closed Session: Report out of closed session—The Executive Council will work to collect and record MOUs in a digital format. The President will report any signed MOU’s to the Exec Council and disseminate copies as well.

Good of the Order: Paul Gilmore mentioned working to sign up folks to vote. Even though he does not represent the political party he feels this is an important thing to further the interests of the union.

Meeting adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

In Solidarity

Sharon Kerr, Executive VP

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