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How Are YOU Celebrating NAWD?

This week, February 23-27, is National Adjunct Action Week! Faculty, Full and Part-time, all across the nation are participating.  AFT has received word of teach-ins, visibility campaigns, marches, rallies, and legislative actions all through the week that will advance the cause of justice for contingent faculty in the academic workplace. Just a few reminders:

*        Stop by the information table on your campus, wear you’re “A is for Adjunct” button, and talk it up in your classrooms.

*        If you’ll be taking photos or live-tweeting events, please be sure to use the #NAAW hashtag and to tag @AFTUnion and @AFTHigherEd in your tweets so our social media team can help spread the word!

*        You can also post notices and pictures of events directly to AFT Higher Education’s Facebook wall: and to the SCFT Facebook Page:

*        It’s not too late to let us know if are planning an event next week! If you are, please contact Chris Goff (<>) in the Higher Education department to let us know what you’ve got planned.

We’re looking forward to standing with AFT’s 80,000 contingent faculty members in our fight for an equitable, democratic and just higher education workplace.

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