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As was agreed to by both SCFT and the district at the end of the last negotiation process, either party could reopen negotiations on salary, benefits and one additional article of that parties’ choosing after July 31, 2013. At the December 10, 2013 board meeting, SCFT submitted initial proposals to reopen negotiations for both full-time and part-time contracts.

Both proposals identified salary increases (5.75% to FT salary schedule A, and 8.75% to PT salary schedule C) and a return to a salary formula. Percentages have been identified to address the last 5 years of no salary increases. An additional 3% for salary, along with 3 additional steps for longevity, have been requested for the PT salary schedule to help address issues of inequity. To view all items listed in our initial proposals here: FT reopener FT-Reopeners – 2013-14 and PT reopener PT-Reopeners – 2013-14.

SCFT anticipated receiving the district’s initial proposals this month, but was informed by district administration only last week that they would not submit their position until February; after which, negotiations will commence. Only issues identified within these proposals will be subject to the bargaining process, and initial proposals are not ending agreements. Given the health of the state and district budgets, we remain optimistic that negotiations will yield both reasonable and fair settlements.

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